Summary. Onaga V Shinnok V Shao Kahn V Quan Chi & Shang Tsung V Blaze kgb725. AmazonieSPL. Onaga: Vacate my throne, Shao! Follow 291. Followers. Powers and Stats. Enjoy. If memory serves, Shao Kahn poisoned the Dragon King to take over the throne of Outworld. Forum Posts. Shao Kahn's my 3rd favorite character (Onaga, Sub-Zero, Shao Kahn), so it pissed me off to see how powerful he was and not be able to play as him :/ 6 years ago. not saying that would be an easy task. 227. Shao Kahn yeah, lol he's powerful but sometimes jobbers....that's a prime example, but I'm sure most MK fans would tell you Onaga could take out Kahn in H2H fight. But going back to previous games and comics Kahn & Goro have a history of teaming up. I made a lot of Vs Shao Kahn Intros while making all of the Onaga Intros, so I just decided to post it separately. However, Onaga's desire for revenge against Shao Kahn proved to be greater than his desire to gain Blaze's prize. Tier: 7-B | Low 6-B. He later came back to life and tried to regain his place as the king of the Otherworld by any means. Was Shao Kahn really that afraid of Onaga and if so, then why? 0. Shao Khan: I won’t bend my knee to forgotten relic!! Shao Kahn: Or what, Onaga? User Lists: 0 #1 kgb725. ! Onaga, nicknamed "The Dragon King" was the former ruler of the Otherworld until he was poisoned by Shao Kahn and his army was mummified to avoid any revolts.. Follow 21625. Wiki Points. Onaga: Or I'll pollute the air with your ashes!!! Onaga: Kneel before your Dragon King, Shao!!! 3 years ago. Reviews: 0. When Shao Kahn was knocked towards the edge of the Pyramid of Argus, Onaga grabbed him and flew far away from the pyramid. Shao Kahn: I-It cannot be!!! Onaga would probably win against Shao Kahn & Goro individually...but if the 2 were to combine their might and fight together against him, im sure they could bring him down. His former adviser managed to escape and return to the battle, and Onaga was killed at some point during the battle. I heard that it was because he was afraid of Onaga. I thought shujinko killed him with the help of shang tsing raiden and quan chi. Now after Onaga is out the way, naturally I wold this Kahn would win, but Goro is no slouch. Endings.
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